About Play in College

Our Founder

Ulysses A. Barnes, Jr.

Mr. Barnes began assisting under-the-radar Student-Athletes in the Fall of 2007. 
His ‘Vision’ – to systematically eradicate Student loan indebtedness on Student-Athletes. 
His ‘Mission’ – to ensure that each member receives Exposure to College Coaches.
His ‘Motto’– “We Let the College Coaches Decide!” 
His ‘Goal’ – to assist all Student-Athletes with both Academic and Athletic Scholarships as well as Institutional Grants and Roster Spots.

Ulysses B. - CEO

His PlayInCollege system allows all members to create an online presence that can be utilized as introductions to College Coaches regardless of the prospects current age or current skill-set.  He also developed a Nationwide Database, which has links to every colleges’ program questionnaires and college coaches’ email addresses, all within a PlayInCollege locker.  Videos and other evaluation data is featured on every member’s PlayInCollege Locker. This information remains public so that any and every college coach that receives the PlayInCollege Link will be allowed to view it and respond to the prospect directly.   

Serving in the US Army since 2002, Mr. Barnes’ passion and commitment to serve our youth is second to none.  This system is not a ”magic formula” to success for our future adults, instead it is a significant aspect of finding opportunities across the country that our youth would have a difficult time finding on their own. Being proactive as early as possible in a Student-Athlete’s recruiting process is very beneficial and can provide a wide variety of options.