"Parents. Lots of recruiting services and most are a money grab. We decided to give playincollege a chance. They were on the phone with us immediately and within 24 hours we received 7-8 emails from coaches interested in signing my son. Within a week we had 25-30 contacts with college baseball coaches. Several coaches have made or are willing to make offers to my son. This is the perfect recruiting service if your kid wants to play, but has flown under the radar. My son was a very late bloomer physically. There was no interest through his junior year, but now has the body to match the talent. Because the baseball season is so late, college coaches have not had the chance to see him. Now, thanks to playincollege, he will be playing college baseball next year. The ONLY question is....which school do we pick? Great problem to have. Thanks PlayInCollege Nationwide Exposure."

- Daniel Hebert

"We originally looked into the NCSA recruiting services for our son. We were on the fence about utilizing the service when Ulysses JR Barnes connected with us about offering his services. We were still on the fence about using a recruiting service, however we decided to make the plunge due to time constraints and the fact that JR coached my son as a youth. Although, a parent with plenty of time on their hands could research and reach out to schools for recruiting purposes, our family did not have the time with our busy schedule to reach out to colleges. JR got to work quickly and we had schools from all across the country reaching out to our son in a matter of days. He checked on our son personally and even attended a few of his games. He worked day in and day out to make several connections for our son. He really has a desire to see young athletes succeed and make it the next level. Our son was originally offered an athletic scholarship to Lyon College at $13,000 per year. However, the coaching staff encouraged him to seek academic scholarships from the school and his offer has increased to $17,500 per year. He will officially sign this week. We would not have located this school without PlayInCollege services. Thanks for everything!"

- Jennifer & Brent Sanger

"This was my first experience at using a recruiting service to obtain a scholarship for one of my children. I choose Playincollege for one reason. I have coached Ulysses and knew what kind of person he was. One that I could trust and depend on. As we went through the recruiting process. Playincollege was there every step of the way. I was amazed at the work that Playincollege did to help my son. My son received inquiries from colleges/universities in the following states:Ohio, California, New York, Texas, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Michigan and Minnesota. The profile and email they created was very user friendly. If you are any level of athlete and would like someone to help you gain a college scholarship, in any sport, I would highly recommend Playincollege. Do yourself a favor and at least look at samples of the work they do. Look and the reviews. The least you can do is to contact playincollege and see what they can do for you. My son is saving a minimum of $44,000 over 4 years because of playincollege. Give them a call!"

- Gary Edwards