Trufant Special – Student-Athlete

Trufant Special

The link below will set you up on auto payments for your boys exposure process.

As discussed they will both receive level 4 service that is valued at $500.00 deposit then after 7 days 74.99 per month at a discounted payment rate. Level 4 is nationwide exposure each month.

Your Class of 2018 will only be charged $300.00 Deposit
Your Class of 2021 will only be charged a $200.00 Deposit

Total Deposit is $500.00

The monthly payments are a total of $49.95/month and once the Class of 2018 athlete commits to a college the payments will drop to $19.95/month

Regular monthly payments would be $149.99 per month.  The savings are huge through CWSkillsAcademy and multi family member discounts that are provided.