Step-By-Step Guide – Student-Athlete

Step-By-Step Guide

The Exposure System is very easy and "End-User" Friendly!

This is a BASIC Step-By-Step Guide to ensure that every "Member" has an understanding of how to gain access to their Online Custom Locker and the Nationwide College Coach Database. These are two very strong ingredients needed to gain the exposure that you will need to enhance the possibility of receiving Academic and Athletic Scholarship Offers from Programs that you never knew existed and even the ones that you Dream about.

Step 1:

Decide if you want to Contact Coaches Nationwide yourself, or with the help of one of our dedicated Exposure Specialist.

Step 2:

Click "START" and purchase your desired Level.

(NOTE: You can upgrade or downgrade your Level as often as you like.)

ALL payments are Non-Refundable

Level 1 - No Assistance from a Dedicated Exposure Specialist
$50.00 Deposit after 7 days $9.99/month

Level 2 - Dedicated Exposure Specialist Contacts 20 Coaches/month
$200.00 Deposit after 7 days $24.95/month

Level 3 - Dedicated Exposure Specialist Contacts 40 Coaches/month
$300.00 Deposit after 7 days $49.95/month

Level 4 - Dedicated Exposure Specialist Contacts UNLIMITED Coaches/month
$500.00 Deposit after 7 days $74.99/month

Step 3:

You will receive "Confirmation'' from PayPal and given a link to "Register" from here you will create your Locker. You cannot Register if you are not at least a Level 1 Member.

(NOTE: Every Locker includes: Highlight Film Uploads (URL), Photo Uploads (.jpg..etc), Academic Information including GPA, ACT/ SAT scores, Contact Information of Parents, Athlete, Coaches and High School plus other information that is needed by the majority of College Coaches to begin communicating with you. Parent/Legal Guardian must verify all academic information submitted and update as needed. Fraudulent data on this site will Trigger Immediate Account Deletion by the CEO of

Step 4:

Once you are logged in select "EDIT PROFILE", while editing your profile please be advised that all MANDATORY FIELDS (Highlighted in RED if you skip them) are needed to save your updated Profile to your Live Online Locker.

Step 5:

Once your Locker is updated and saved you can now create a "New Email" to send to coaches from your desired Email Account.

(NOTE: Level 1 users will not have access to a Custom Email Address, Some college Coaches do not respond to Free Email Address Accounts; examples include:,,, etc...)

Step 5A:

Level 2 and above only: Click Here to Access Custom Email Address.

(NOTE: Username and Password will be sent to you once Membership Level is started.)

Step 6:

If you require access to the DATABASE simply purchase the 12 month discounted Promo Code.  After you submit your payment you will receive an email within 3-5 hours with your Promo Code to be used in the 3rd party site at a discounted rate.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Do Not enter your Credit Card information in the 3rd Party Site if you have purchased a Promo Code, if you do you will be charged the full price of the web subscription by the 3rd party and you will have to contact them for a possible refund or credit)

Step 7:

Once you have access to the Database simply search, filter and select the programs that you are interested in communicating with. As a Level 1 Member you have the option of contacting as many coaches as you want as often as you want. You will also have a generic "Email Template" that you can use to draft your introduction emails.

(NOTE: If you are a Level 2 member or above in addition to your unlimited College Coach Contacts you will also be assigned to a dedicated "Exposure Specialist''  who will be contacting college coaches every month on your behalf within your Custom Email Address, the amount of emails sent on your behalf varies on which Level you selected)

Payment Terms and Conditions:

PayPal will be utilized as a safe and secure method to set up all payment plan's to make your Membership Access very easy to manage. Failure to complete a monthly payment will result in your Online Locker automatically becoming disabled within 24 hours.  The use of Profanity, Pornography, Copyrighted Material or other Athletes Information to include: Photos, Statistics, Videos, Grades, Test Scores or anything else not belonging to the "Member" will result in Immediate Account Deletion, these acts will also Ban users from this System permanently.)

(Note: The "Reactivation Fee" is $25.00 plus the missed payment amount; in the event that you missed 2 consecutive monthly payments then decide to return you will be considered a "New Member" and have to pay as a "New Client" to include another deposit.)

Membership Disclaimer:

Each Level of Access requires a specific Deposit amount and Monthly fee.  All payments are final and No Refunds are provided.  The nature of exposing an Aspiring Student-Athlete is very time consuming and requires a lot of attention to detail and understanding of the NCAA bylaws on each level. Our dedicated Exposure Specialist exhaust countless hours on the phone, on a computer, visiting games, providing informational webinars/seminars and manage online website on a daily basis.

Exposure Specialist do not guaranty, promise or consent to anyone at anytime of the likelihood of  potentially receiving or anticipating the receipt of any specific Academic or Athletic Scholarship's to PlayInCollege.  It is further understood that this system and website is solely used to maximize exposure to every Collegiate Program in the country and that all offers that arise from this service are strictly generated by the College Coaches. Simply put we only guaranty, promise and consent to all members that communication at the appropriate Membership Level will be conducted for each client.  Communication includes: Email, Text, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Phone and in-person visits. From these communication methods the College Coach has the final decision in regards to an offer.


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