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1 out of 895 Programs

University of Kentucky  kentuckyfootball@uky.edu   Questionnaire

1 out of 1,627 Programs

College of Saint Joseph   bob.godlewski@csj.edu   Questionnaire

 1 out of 1,713 Programs

Harding University    mfear@harding.edu  Questionnaire

1 out of 150 Programs

Pepperdine University   david.hunt@pepperdine.edu   Questionnaire

1 out of 1,642 Programs

Lafayette College  delahabc@lafayette.edu  Questionnaire

 1 out of 1,868 Programs

Huntingdon College   ckimbrough@hawks.huntingdon.edu   Questionnaire

1 out of 1,840 Programs

East Mississippi Community College   sthompson@eastms.edu   Questionnaire

1 out of 1,325 Programs

Jacksonville College  lgonzalez@jacksonville-college.edu   Questionnaire

1 out of 1,525 Programs

Emory University   spatber@emory.edu Questionnaire

1 out of 497 Programs

Sierra College  cbreitbart@sierracollege.edu   Questionnaire

1 out of 624 Programs

Yale University  james.henry@yale.edu  Questionnaire

 1 out of 245 Programs

Lindenwood University  cpape@lindenwood.edu  Questionnaires

1 out of 301 Programs

Tufts University  Bradley.Snodgrass@tufts.edu  Questionnaires

1 out of 1,200 Programs

University of Mississippi   cjmalloy@olemiss.edu   Questionnaire

 1 out of 885 Programs

Middle Tennessee State University   chris.adams@mtsu.edu   Questionnaire

 1 out of 942 Programs

Bucknell University  bam037@bucknell.edu Questionnaire

 1 out of 1,129 Programs

Wake Forest University  wyshnejt@wfu.edu  Questionnaires

1 out of 1,104 Programs

Grinnell College Freemanw@grinnell.edu Questionnaires

 1 out of 1,182 Programs

North Carolina State University rggeiger@ncsu.edu Questionnaires

 1 out of 439 Programs

Haverford College tdonnell@haverford.edu Questionnaires

 1 out of 486 Programs

University of Texas at San Antonio aaron.fox@utsa.edu Questionnaires

 1 out of 782 Programs

LeMoyne-Owen College  kristal_coleman@loc.edu Questionnaires

 1 out of 16 Programs

University of Michigan kgolder@umich.edu Questionnaires

 1 out of 80 Programs

College of William and Mary mklewi@wm.edu  Questionnaires

 1 out of 1,397 Programs

Brigham Young University ed_eyestone@byu.edu  Questionnaires

 1 out of 1,486 Programs

 College of Southern Idaho  landerson@csi.edu   Questionnaires

 1 out of 64 Programs

Bowie State University atcampbell@bowiestate.edu  Questionnaires

 1 out of 272Programs

 Boston College dotonk@bc.edu  Questionnaires

 1 out of 76 Programs

Cornell University  cjk87@cornell.edu Questionnaires

 1 out of 145 Programs

Brown University John_Murphy_Jr@Brown.EDU  Questionnaires

 1 out of 81 Programs

Pepperdine University terry.schroeder@pepperdine.edu Questionnaires

 1 out of 107 Programs

Marist College Christopher.Vidale@marist.edu  Questionnaires

 1 out of 13 Programs

Wofford College halljr@wofford.edu  Questionnaire

 1 out of 34 Programs

Harvard University pbrand@fas.harvard.edu  Questionnaires

 1 out of 40Programs

U.S. Air Force Academy abdel.salem@usafa.edu  Questionnaires

 1 out of 433 Programs

Loyola College (Maryland) ctoomey1@loyola.edu  Questionnaires

 1 out of 510 Programs

Georgetown University  pgf22@georgetown.edu  Questionnaires

 1 out of 160 Programs

Princeton University rfogarty@princeton.edu Questionnaires

 1 out of 100Programs

Boston University goaltend@bu.edu  Questionnaires

1 out of 36 Programs

University of Vermont william.reichelt@uvm.edu  Questionnaires

 1 out of 37 Programs

Dartmouth College Cami.L.Thompson@Dartmouth.edu  Questionnaires